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Reejig enterprise solution

Unlock workforce capacity with an Opportunity Marketplace

Centralize all your opportunities, from short-term gigs and project to long-term roles, in one spot and instantly match talent based on skills and availability.

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Create a marketplace for all opportunities & unlock capacity

Reejig’s Opportunity Marketplace is your space to create and manage short-term gig and project opportunities. With the option to choose what kind of internal opportunity you’re advertising, the skills you need, and how long it goes for, you can quickly set up a 6-week project and automatically find great matches within your organization with the skills, experience, and availability you need.

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Encourage your employees to engage with new opportunities

With a user-friendly employee interface, your talent can easily explore and apply for personalized project opportunities that align with their skills, capacity, and career goals. With Reejig, you can expect opportunities to be quickly filled, and your workforce capacity optimized in no time.
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“Reejig has been a game-changer in this space, allowing us to grow, develop and retain our talent by having better visibility of their skills so that we can create a long term view of their future project work.”

Chief People Officer


The outcomes you can expect from Reejig's Opportunity Marketplace

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Save thousands

on the cost of resourcing projects with contractors


Reduce time

to resource projects and unlock available capacity

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Build new skills

and create meaningful opportunities for your people

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to roll this out across my whole workforce or can I choose a specific group
to start?

You can choose! We know it takes a lot of buy-in to go enterprise-wide, so we suggest starting with a pilot group to prove the ROI.

Does this require technical integration with my existing HR Tech stack?

No! We can get started without any integrations required meaning we can implement quickly.

How long does it take to implement?

You can up be live in as little as 12 weeks!

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