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Faster & more effective recruitment

Refresh your ATS and say goodbye to outdated data

Let Reejig refresh the data inside your ATS and discover untapped potential in your existing candidate database.

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We’re trusted by the largest organizations worldwide


Update and enrich your ATS data

Say hello to the latest insights on every profile within your ATS with Reejig. Using cutting edge AI, Reejig ingests your ATS candidate data and enriches it with publicly available data to give you the latest intelligence on every candidate - past applicants, alumni, contractors, and your existing employees.

With automated skills profiles created for all, your recruitment teams will gain insights into the known skills, likely skills, technology skills, and behavioral insights of every candidate.

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Match candidates in seconds not hours

With the latest intelligence on all your candidates, let Reejig's AI surface high quality matches for the open jobs in your ATS. When we find a great match, we'll push it back into your ATS for your talent acquisition team to take action. It's as simple as that!

“Reejig has been a game changer, automating how we search and match talent through its powerful AI. It frees up my Talent Advisors to build relationships, take care of candidates and bring awesome insights to their stakeholders. Over 88% of the hires we now make with this new way of working come from Reejig!”

Head of Talent Acquisition and PPC Operations


The recruitment outcomes you can expect with Reejig


Improve “time to shortlist”

with automated AI-powered shortlists based on skills and potential


Reduce spend

on sourcing tools as it surfaces candidates you’ve already acquired previously


Tap into already
warm candidates

who know and love your brand


Global Big 4 finds skilled candidates in 42 seconds

Through gaining complete visibility into all the employees, past applicants, alumni, and contractors, this organization was able to source skilled candidates in 42 seconds — using data they already had!

Frequently asked questions

What tech does Reejig integrate with?

Reejig wraps around your existing software to extract and process all of your previously siloed data and bring it together in one workforce intelligence platform.

In this instance, we recommend integrating with your ATS/CRM. We have a number of existing integrations with ICIMS, Workday, Oracle, Beamery, Cornerstone, Lever, Gem, SmartRecruiters, SAP, SuccessFactors, JobAdder and more.

How does Reejig create skills profiles?

Reejig leverages data from your existing HR systems plus publicly available data to create automated skills profiles for everyone in your talent ecosystem. Reejig keeps the profiles updated in real-time, meaning you never have to rely on manual employee input for visibility over your people ever again.

How does Reejig interact with my existing ATS and CRM workflows?

Reejig is designed to work in-sync with your existing ATS and CRM workflows. Reejig pulls data from your existing systems, uses Ethical AI to enrich your data and provide decision making support, then Reejig pushes the intelligence and actions back to your chosen originating system for your teams to continue as normal!

How long does it take to implement?

You can up be live in as little as 12 weeks!

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