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How can CEO's unlock the potential of their workforces?

The Reejig Reckons series

What's the number 1 question CEOs should be asking themselves? 

The answer is; how can you ensure you're unlocking the potential of every person in your workforce — no matter how big it gets?

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When I talk to CEOs, everyone's saying that their number one problem is talent.

And I think one of the most important things that we can do for our CEOs right now is to help them unlock the workforce that they've already got.

If you do not know who your people are — and most of us don't — because your employees, under 20% of them will ever complete their profile.

You don't have visibility of your total workforce, it's constantly changing, and the market demands are changing... You need to give them the frank answer that, actually, we need to make sure that we are optimizing our workforce to get you to where you want to go in your business.

But to do that, we need to first take a look at who we've got and we need data so that we're not doing this with gut feel — and then that's something that you can work with.

Because then you can then scenario play a different type of world in each one of those scenarios with the leadership team to say, "Well, if you want to go here, you're going to have this gap in scale and we're gonna have to build capability."

And then what happens is that you have buy-in from the leadership team to effectively get the capital to invest in new learning, or new technology, or changing and pivoting certain parts of your workforce and turning them into something else.

When your CEO, your leadership team, and your shareholders are talking about how you're going to get their workforce to turn into this, you first need to use data — so get the data.

Unfortunately, the data that you're sitting on right now isn't enough data. So looking at things like Reejig, where we automatically create profiles for every single person in your business so you can see; what can they do before you? What have they done while with you? But more importantly, what could they do?

That's the secret sauce that'll unlock that strategy so that when you're sitting with your CEO, you can have an honest and frank discussion and show up like the expert that you are.

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