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Are you splitting your strategy into painkillers & vitamins?

The Reejig Reckons series

Are you thinking about what your company needs, or what your customers need, as painkillers and vitamins?

Let's dive into how you can unpack and prioritize your company and workforce strategy by classifying everything into solutions to immediate problems, and nice-to-haves that will increase the long-term positive impact of your strategy.

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When there are so many things to solve and so many priorities, it can become overwhelming to decide where you put your time and what is the most important thing that you can do right now.

What I personally started doing — even with my own diary how I manage my time — is looking at painkillers and vitamins.

And to be clear, a painkiller is something you need to take a tablet for — because it's so bad your head is splitting, whereas a vitamin is a preemptive thing.

When we're looking at our customer strategies, some of the things we hear them saying as top priorities, they feel like vitamins, and they feel like they have got caught up in the romance of a project. And that's okay, because some of the projects are super exciting!

So what we try to steer them back to is, what's the actual painkiller? If you've got all these problems to solve, let's look at them all.

Let's put them all on a list and assign them as painkiller, vitamin, and naturopath (because it's more than a vitamin but less than a painkiller).

It just gives you the sense of clarity on 'what are the problems we're trying to solve?' So you can focus your execution on where to spend your time.

And some of the things you're going have to say no to — some of the things that are vitamins that would be lovely to get to will be a phase two or a horizon two.

I think one of the top things that I've learned in my journey is; list all the things that you're trying to go after and all the feedback that you're getting, and then go through them, list them as painkiller or vitamin, then spend you time on the painkillers before you get to the vitamins.

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