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The Great Reejig: The impact of the Great Resignation & how to Reejig your ways

The webinar recap

Hear from industry leaders at BHP, KPMG, John Holland, and Reejig as they unpack:

  • The impact of The Great Resignation and what’s still to come
  • Recent shifts in employee expectations and what your talent really want from you
  • Priorities for 2022 and beyond to truly “Reejig” your workforce for the better

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Top advice from our expert panel:

Know your entire workforce

Including your current employees, your contractors and gig workers, your alumni, your past applicants as well as your future workforce. Make sure you bring insight and data to the conversation to strengthen your future workforce.


Be bold and be brave

This is the time to turn to ideas and solutions that may be different from what we have traditionally leaned on in the past and put investment behind bigger, crazier ideas.


Don't underestimate the change management journey

When adopting a new approach to work, plan your change management requirement strategy well ahead of time and communicate the value to stakeholders to bring in their investment.

You need to bring the whole business, from leaders to contributors, on the journey with you.


Talent desire a hyper-personalized experience from hello to hired

They want to be seen, heard, and engaged with. We need to bring the #rolemance back into play!


This is your opportunity to create Zero Wasted Potential

We’ve got one chance and one opportunity to move our industries up a gear by building a movement of zero wasted potential.
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