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Welcome to Reejig Reckons

The Reejig Reckons series

Welcome to Reejig Reckons! 

Join Reejig's CEO & Co-Founder, Siobhan Savage, in a space where business and people leaders can dive into questions around workforces, taking care of people, strategies, being a CEO, being a parent whilst running a business, preparing for recessions, and other unknowns.

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Hey there, my name is Siobhan Savage and I am the CEO of Reejig.

For the first 15 years of my career, I was obsessed on all things talent — talent acquisition, talent mobility, workforce optimization, deploying and redeploying talent, scaling, employer branding, or talent branding.

Whether I was an individual contributor or leading large teams, I pretty much spent the first part of my career on all things workforce strategy.

In the second part of my career, leading sort of an AI company and specifically in the workforce intelligence space, I spend my time in Ethical AI, deep learning, go-to-market, and scaling culture.

I'm also super grateful that I get to hang out with some of the most incredible thinkers in the world; whether that's through the customers that we've partnered up with, the analysts, or the investors, I'm really getting access to most incredible career opportunities, and what I want to do was make sure I share it.

This is our moment as talent professionals to completely change the way we've been doing things. We've got a seat at the table now and I just don't want to waste the moment.

We're going to call it Reejig Reckons — because I say 'reckons' quite a lot.

They're just going to be little videos that we post and they'll be about key things that we've either learned or questions that we're being asked.

So please, if you've got any questions or anything that you want to get a point of view on, please DM me or just put in a comment.

Or, if you want to come along and jam with me together, that would be really fun. We want to bring in as much information as we can and put it back into the community so that it's a gift that you can hopefully use for some of the problems that you're trying to solve.

Really excited to see you back here and look forward to going on this journey!

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